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  • Economic Development Water Cooler Discussion – 2/22 12-1pm

    Cube members are excited to host a public “water cooler” discussion this Friday, February 22, from 12-1 pm. The emphasis of this discussion is to illustrate the growing opportunities for economic and business development in Rochester, MN. Discussion points may include entrepreneurial activities, key growth markets, sales tax initiatives, and new initiatives (i.e. Destination Medical Center).  This event is meant to engage positive insights from active participants in the our economic infrastructure.

    The panel will be moderated to maintain on topic discussion, while fielding questions from the live audience, as well as Twitter and Facebook followers.

    For those of you who are unable to attend in person, this event will be streamed live through the internet.  Streaming links will be sent out via Twitter (@cube_mn), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cube.rochmn) and here cube.mn just prior to the event.  You may also ask questions during the event using Twitter and Facebook.


    • Carla Nelson – State Senate (MN) – District 26
    • Michael Wojcik – Rochester City Council – Ward 2
    • Gary Smith – President – Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc.
    • John Wade – President – Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Kathleen Harrington – Mayo Clinic – Division Chair, Government Relations


    Seating will be limited with RSVP tickets available at Eventbrite.

    Cube is located at 328 South Broadway, between Fagan Studios and Patterson Dahlberg.

    Food will not be provided, please plan your digestive needs ahead of time :)

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    Cue the Cube Effect for Trek Analytics.

    Last week we talked in general terms about the Cube Effect and the growth potential it offers for businesses, organizations and individuals in Rochester, Minnesota. This week, it’s boots-on-the-ground. Let’s find out how “accelerating serendipity” puts a spring in the step for Cube member Trek Analytics.

    Trek Analytics is a business intelligence consulting firm. Now in its third year of operations, owner Craig Weckwerth joined the Cube in December 2012 and quickly began seeing new benefits for his business.

    “People here do a lot of different things,” Craig observes. “Casual questions lead to in-depth answers and far-ranging conversations. Twitter? Email marketing? Website design? Video promotion? In the first few weeks I was here, we covered all of that and more. Not because we scheduled stuffy meetings. It came up in conversation and led to a lot of new insights for Trek Analytics.”

    Even working through ideas for a Whiteboard Wednesday sketch helped Craig develop developed several new ideas for marketing messages.

    The Cube Effect is alive and well in Rochester. This coworking thing is taking hold. Share your insights by posting below, or experience the exponential advantages of coworking cubism for yourself by taking advantage of one of several membership options. Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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    The Cube Effect is Multiplying in Rochester

    Rochester, Minnesota has long been a home for the new. Medical innovation (Mayo Clinic). Technical excellence (IBM). Urban wildlife (first Canada geese, now crows). Today the city is on the verge of experiencing another change, and this shift is being brought on by the Cube Effect.

    What exactly is the Cube Effect? It’s the energy starting to flow out of Rochester’s new coworking group, the Cube. And no, we don’t work in cubes. We take our name from the place where we started in 2012, which was an unusually symmetrical, block shaped building.

    Think of it as a multiplying force. Numbers get big when they’re squared, right? They get even bigger when they’re cubed. So if you put three Cube members around a table – a Web developer, a marketer and an entrepreneur – big things can happen. Ideas spark new ideas. New solutions take shape. Networks extend. Now try putting nine people in a shared workspace. And invite 27 people over for an evening presentation and Q&A.

    Cube co-founder Erik Giberti likes the term Chris Messina uses, “Accelerating serendipity.” By that, Erik refers to the daily benefits of informal collaboration, active networking and different skill sets building on one another. Check this video overview for a quick synopsis.

    And stop by. Send us a note. The Cube Effect keeps getting bigger as more people get involved.

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    News of the new

    We’re a little more than half way through the first month of 2013, and as we look around and see everything that’s happening at the Cube, we realize there’s a lot of new in the new year.

    New members? Yeah, we added two a couple weeks and another last week. New gear? We love our new projector. New lunchtime options? Whoa, where did this microwave come from?

    But maybe that’s just the nature of coworking. A lot of sharing, a lot of adding to each other’s ideas – all of a sudden, there’s a lot of new.

    So take note of one of our newest endeavors, which we call Whiteboard Wednesdays. One of our members – or perhaps a friend – will use our big whiteboard to work through an idea. Two weeks ago, it was Trek Analytics expounding on big data. Last week it was BrandHoot illustrating a smart way to get things done. Just follow @cube_mn on Twitter to see the latest and add your insight.

    And we have to ask, what’s new with you? Write, text, chat, tweet or walk on over. The Cube Effect is taking hold in #rochmn. We’d love to hear your big new ideas.

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    Press Release

    Contact: David Hewitt
    Phone: (507) 250-1234
    Email: david@cube.mn

    New coworking office creates a high energy, collaborative alternative.

    Rochester, Minn. – Cube, a member only co-working collaborative community, is the first of its kind to Rochester, MN and plans to open its doors June 2012. Cube will provide entrepreneurs not only a physical space, but also a new way to work by like-minded individuals, Cubists, that are fueled by tenacity with the mantra of vision, confidence, focus and execution.

    Local entrepreneurs need a space to get them out of the crowded public Wi-Fi hotspots or home based offices. 2010 Economist Intelligence Unit report found the overall contingent workforce has held steady over the past 10 years and is projected to grow to 40 percent, or 64.9 million by 2020. Technology has enabled these workers to set up office virtually anywhere, however Cube provides the space (physical & virtual) to continue the growth of these professionals who share a set of core values and synergies. Cubists still have a desire to be around other creative types, and connect socially while working. With the dedicated conference room and open environment working space, the Cube will provide just that.

    This membership-based co-working community gives people an opportunity to collaborate and leverage each other’s skills, creativity, and passion.  David Hewitt, Cube Founder believes the Cube will provide entrepreneurs’ tools that they can use to create, grow, and sustain economically viable ideas and businesses, which will have significant economic impact in the community.

    15 local entrepreneurs collaborated on the design and business model that the Cube will operate under. The intent is to start small, develop the model internally, determine the demand, and then expand operations by moving to a larger space.  Several local businesses have already signed up to be a part of the Cube, ranging from marketing, public relations, social media, web & graphic design, to an ice cream sandwich making company. Cube members are driven, focused, and passionate about growing their businesses in the heart of downtown Rochester.

    According to the 2010 Deskmag Coworking Survey, 82% of coworkers feel more motivated and productive after coworking, 91% have better interaction with others, and half report higher incomes because of the new connections or businesses formed while coworking.

    Cube isn’t just a place to work; it is a community of forward-thinking individuals who have a genuine desire to see each other succeed. Learn more about Cube at www.cube.mn, or connect through Facebook and Twitter.

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